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Unlike the Price sisters, I am less familiar with the knowing about body shapes and the do's and don'ts. But (luckily) nearly 4 years ago I met R, A + E and they have been educating me ever since. This means that I don't always get it right, and so please don't be taking any of the following as golden but I do hope that my few tips and tricks help.

Right, so I am a Vase, when I was told this, I was imagining something along the lines of:
which, is not the most flattering silhouette and had me thinking that I was practically round with a long neck. But, it turns out it is actually a bit more like this...
and means that my shoulders and hips are round about equal, boobs are above average in size, my waist is long and my legs are on the slimmer front I also have a belly, this isn't always standard across all vases but nevertheless is probably my least favorite part of my body.

Firstly, I am going to echo R's advice about underwear, specifically bras, the thing about boobs is that it is all to do with proportion. I don't actually have ginormous breasts, we are not talking about any ridiculous sizes like 32Fs or anything, but in comparison to my waist and hips they are more prominent and so wearing the right bra is essential. As is the right type of bra in association with neckline, it can make the difference between inappropriate cleavage land and a demure aesthetically sensible bust city.

I think my default outfit template has come from watching too much of Keeley Hawes in Ashes to Ashes but it tends to be variations of; skinny on the bottom half in order to highlight my slimmer parts (legs and hips) and keeping it loose + baggy on the top half to minimise my bust and hide my belly.
Top Half >> What I would say about the top half is that the length of top is important. it is not 1997 anymore and it is not appropriate to go about with your belly hanging out underneath a tshirt that is slightly too short. I generally tend to go for longer tops but have dappled in the odd crop top and vest combo's which don't look horrendous, but am yet to be entirely convinced.

Bottom Half >> My default are a pair of skinny jeans, but I also occasionally wear a skirt. what I need to stress at this point is also about length. Skirts/shorts that end at the knee cut my legs directly in two and suddenly make me look like one of the 7 dwarfs. but Extremes work, so either as short as appropriately possible or long and statement-like

The Feet >> I feel like I need to take this opportunity to stress the importance of a good pair of shoes. Yes, shoes are a practical necessity, but they can also make, or break an outfit, and anyone who claims that you only need 2 pairs of shoes is lying. There is a time and place for those beautiful trainers that mean you can rave with the best of them, but likewise a decent pair of heels can instantly turn you into a glamazon. Take your time to build up your shoe collection, try to invest in decent quality leather items, and above else make sure you visit your friendly local cobbler regularly to take care of those worn down heels. If you are on a budget, then I would suggest going for the more classic colours that can be applied to all outfits, and never ever underestimate a good shoe sale.

Outerwear >> This is a length game also, my longest coat I had to shorten from a 3/4 length to just above my knee so that it stopped hiding my legs. In terms of blazers and short jackets I tend to stick to either hip level or ones that stop half way down my waist so they accentuate it. I went through a whole phase of a cropped jacket, which made me feel very cool, but on reflection probably wasn't the best for my body shape as it drew all the attention to my belly.

So in summary, it seems that the key for vases is to be careful with the length of clothes. This is probably due to the fact that as a vase, it is easy to lengthen yourself by accentuating your waist and legs, but equally it is easy to shorten and widen yourself by cutting yourself in half with those incorrectly chosen items. Mainly I would say that us Vases are pretty lucky as we can be pretty versitile, so be brave and don't be afraid to try different looks out.

J x

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  1. I've been waiting for this post! Thanks J :)

    I'm a vase too. I never really understood that (I was thinking more about the first vase shape too), but your description could have been written about me. My belly isn't too bad but it's definitely not my best feature or something I want to draw attention to, whereas every time I wear a shortish dress all my girl-friends ask me where I've been hiding my legs all this time! (And a lot of dresses fit me fine until they have to do up round my boobs and it all becomes a bit squished!)

    I will be taking your advice on lengths, and maybe even on trying out different things. I used to have a lot of tops that just reached my waistband and it looked a bit weird, in the last year I've started buying longer tops - much better!

    Still don't think my legs will ever be good enough for skinny jeans though...!

    Great post :)