Monday, 5 March 2012

We went for coffee again

If you spend more than an hour with me, or visit this blog more than once you are bound to know how much I love coffee. Specifically really good coffee in a really nice coffee shop. I don't drink that much, maybe one or two decent skinny lattes/black americanos a day, and some days non at all (though admittedly those days are always less satisfying). Point being I love coffee, real rich, strong sense enveloping coffee and I love drinking it in beautiful surroundings with beautiful people. It really is my regular piece of heaven on earth. 

Below are some shots from a trip to new lovely cafe I visited with my sister and wonderful friends Tobias and Debbie. We read the free periodicals, discussed exciting weekend plans and lapped up the happy ambiance. It is these moments in life that make everything bearable, and more often than not, perfectly happy. 

What's your equivalent?
R x

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  1. Spending time with people you love <3