Friday, 2 March 2012

A: What We Wore

A wears // coat: RePsycho // shoes: M&S // rings: H&M, Topshop // necklaces: Accessorize and gifted //

Getting dressed up my vintage fur coat is one of my favourite things.  Not only is it a very practical defence against the cold London weather, but it also whisks me away to Narnia, if only for a moment.
A x


  1. great, different, stylish, original and interesting blog you've got here!
    thanks for visiting and commenting my blog. you look adorable in these your clothes and the pop of pink lipstick!
    following you in bloglovin - would love to have you on my followers list. thanks a lot!

    kisses and have the nicest weekend!

  2. narnia!?? haha, thats great!
    it does look very snuggy and warm x

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog, guys. Glad you like it :D Keep reading!

      A x

  3. love vintage fur coats.
    it looks great. and i love your hair!