Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter reflections

You may or may not have noticed that we didn't post yesterday. This was not, unusually  a forgetful mishap or technology crisis but instead a deliberate break from blogging. 

I chose not to post but instead respect the slowing down that Easter Sunday so strongly encourages. Whether you spend it in Church, gorging on Chocolate, walking in the countryside or maybe all three, Easter, surrounded as it is by it's wealth of days off is a timely opportunity to stop, rest and recover. 

It is a tad cliched, but Easter Sunday is a sign of new life and a sign of Spring. It marks a change of direction for the weather, and maybe even our outlooks. Whether religious or not, any day set aside for celebration and feasting is and should be good day. 

I spent my day catching up on weeks of chocolate and meat in the company of some of my favourite people and past times. It was a day of relaxation and treats that has refreshed me for the weeks ahead. I hope you all an equally as enjoyable Easter and I wish signs of fresh life, opportunities and (fingers crossed) sunshine on you all. 

R x


  1. Thanks for all the comments on the posts we do guys, we read every comment and love visiting your blogs in return!! Love, A x