Monday, 30 April 2012

Looks Can Indeed Be Deceiving

While in New York, I was given the responsibility to fend for myself and find somewhere to eat lunch only once, (the rest of the time I was being very well looked after by locals) and so I found this quirky looking cafe in Soho called The Grey Dog. From the outside, it looked a bit like some of the smaller cafes from the Shire that I love. 

Now, us like to look on the sunny side of life, and we try to use this blog to promote brilliant and excellent things in general, so I apologise if this comes out as rude or negative. But unfortunately enough , this cafe was responsible for the worst meal I had the whole trip. You would think that a Tuna Melt is a pretty safe bet where ever you are. Apparently not. It looked like this, and I have to say I did not finish it. The can of Coke and the crisps however, were delicious.

That being said, the cafe itself is very very pretty, and perhaps the rest of the menu is outstanding, but I honestly didn't mind sitting there for an hour, people watching and trying to trick myself into thinking that the lunch I'd chosen was edible, mainly because the inside looked a little like this.

And the bathroom looked a little like this:

Words cannot describe how much I want this wallpaper, and a giant photo of Willie Nelson.
J x

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  1. The place does look pretty cool, too bad you didn't enjoy the food...