Saturday, 5 May 2012

Blogs in Brief

Happy Saturday everybody. I hope you are all having as wonderful day as I am. After a relaxed hour of finishing up 'A farewell to arms' in my favourite coffee shop I have spent the afternoon listening to Simon & Garfunkel and Bon Iver vinyls and starting my new book, 'The Impressionist' by Hari Kunzru. Has anyone read it? So far it's wonderful and I already feel as if I really am making my way through desert plains and navigating monsoons. Anyway, I have taken a break from my delightful day to share with you my three favourite blogs from this week, have a click and read, they're lovely I assure you. Anyway, I'm off back to India to catch up with Pran Nath...

Looks can indeed be decieving 
An apologetic absence 
Vintage Fair
R x

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