Monday, 14 May 2012

I Blame the Crackle : Ad Hoc Marble

The marbled nail trend has been knocking about for a while now, and after perusing some  I figured I'd done enough research to try it out too.

I was going to do a DIY on this, but to be honest, there are better ones available from numerous other sources... this Video based one from Refinery 29 is pretty good and this one from Keiko Lynn has a good photo step by step.

It involves dipping your pre painted nails into water that has had multiple nail varnish colours dropped in it and is probably THE messiest way to paint your nails, but it produces great unique effects. Here is how mine turned out, some are not that great but some a real beaut!
What advice I will give, that the links above don't, is when you are preparing your fingers for dipping use Vaseline instead of sellotape on the skin around your nails, it is messier and a bit gross but it works a lot better at keeping the nail varnish off your skin!

J x

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