Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Just Desserts

Though we are by no means food or cooking experts here at r.a.j.e., we do love our food and enjoy both cooking and eating.  As such, you will from time to time, see a little food dedicated post popping up on the blog.

I couldn't resist sharing these little puddings with you as they were just so photogenic!  And if you want a super-easy to make, delicious little dessert, they fit the bill.  Meringue, lemon curd, a smattering of fresh fruit, and obviously accompanied by a good glass of rose. 

Mouth watering yet?

A x  


  1. Love meringues, you just need fruit at it's very best to show off and they're perfect and easy.

    1. Mmmmmm hmmmmm. Totally agree!

      Thanks for visiting the blog ;)

      A x