Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Liberty London for Dr. Martens

If you go down to Soho soon take a minute to admire the beautiful window display at Liberties right now.  There are quintessentially English summery florals and wildlife, nestling among scenes or urban decay.  This is Liberty London for Dr. Martens, the latest collaboration between the iconic London retailer, it is certainly aesthetically pleasing and charming to a 'T'. 

The collection includes the classic 8 and 3 hole styles, plus satchels, and the new dessert boot styles, perfect for summer!  I though I had my next pair of Dr. Martens lined up.  I may have to reconsider.

To shop the collection, take a sunny stroll down to Regent St, Soho, or go online.

A x


  1. Have much obvious love for this post!
    How long is the display there for?
    Liking the magpie ones :)

  2. Glad you like them hun. I'm not sure, it's fairly new, so you might be in luck if you're in London in the near future.... I think the burgundy ones are my favourites

    A x