Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Narcissism With an 'I'

It seems there is an inescapable amount of narcissism in blogging. There are myriad blogs out there, on all manner of subjects, written by all kinds of people.  Some are sickeningly self obsessed, seemingly unaware of the outside world.  Conversely, some are refreshingly honest, surprising, and outward looking.  

It was while struggling to find an angle to take a successful photo of this outfit that I wondered (not for the first time, nor likely the last) whether this blog falls into the former or the latter category?

I guess as long as we write with integrity, honesty and passion, we can't go far wrong.  

Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of narcissism, eh?

A wears // cardi: vintage // top: vintage - got creative with the scissors last week // necklace: vintage; Oxfam Originals // trousers: River Island // jacket:  Primark //

A x

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