Thursday, 10 May 2012

Window Shopping

Right, I promise that I'll stop banging on about my New York trip now, but these are the last few bits that I wanted to share...
Whilst in NY, I had a day off to myself. Instead of battling tourists to see the Statue of Liberty or going up the Empire State Building I spent the day knocking about Soho, stumbling across little boutiques and it turns out, that these boutiques have awesome windows, that merge excellent styling with a sense of humor. Which, personally, I don't think there is enough of in Old London Town...

Teddy Bear Models, Nemo Pinata's, Native American Headdress, and a Paper Airplanes complete with exhaust vapors.  

As I said previously, it was awesome to be able to spend time in New York, and if you are thinking of going, I would say 100% do it. It is an amazing city.

J x

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