Friday, 25 May 2012

You can take the girl out of Liverpool...

I feel a bit of a pretender writing this post as i've only lived in Liverpool for about 3 years. But, as i'm sure previous posts/tweets have hinted I simply adore Liverpool. (Think Carrie and NYC, just flatter shoes)

Things Liverpool is great for:

1) Cocktail Bars
2) Clubs that play lots of Motown for me to wiggle too
3) Vintage shops
4) Independant coffee shops
5) Art Galleries
6) Falling in Love
7) Huge cathedrals
8) Views of boats
9) Street style
10) Being full of wonderful people, and yes, they're scouse. 

I currently split my time and work, some what unevenly between Liverpool and London. I've loved London for years, the fast pace, the 24/7 approach, the fashion; galleries; shows; parks; cafe's; restaurants etc. It's a brilliant city and people who write it off as too busy/expensive are either stupid, country side folk or just haven't left oxford circus enough. However, when i'm there I miss Liverpool every single day. I fully intend on moving to London (as soon as i'm a bit less over drawn), I would like to raise children and a career here, but, i'm not ready to leave Liverpool yet. 

Liverpool is, aside from beautiful, a very sincere city, it feels safe and more importantly it's quick. It changes, develops, is on the edge of art and style and cultural movements. You have to live in a city like Bristol, or suburbia to know how depressing slow paces are. Like feeling relieved when a Urban Outfitters finally opens, I can't stand it. 

In case I haven't done it justice here is a photo diary of me and my greatest love affair, Liverpool.

R x

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  1. I Love that iconic. Just watched a film all about an ode to Liverpool.