Monday, 4 June 2012

Help for Your Working Week

I don't know about you, but the majority of my day is spent looking at various computer screens... In my case these computer screens specifically consist of Excel spread sheets. It is no secret that this (for me anyway) is not a bad thing. But what helps me on my merry way to excel-lent (ha ha!) employment bliss is having a sound track that means I don’t have to listen solely to the tick tick ticketery tick chorus of the office’s keyboards.

This is fairly tricky to get right, Listening to the radio means that you have to listen to someone talking at you for a lot of the time which is both distracting and obnoxious. Exceptions to this are: the Annie Mac show from BBCR1 Friday night line-up, Rob Da Bank, also from BBCR1’s Friday night and Steve Lamac from BBCR6.

Also the type of music is quite specific, it needs to be good but won’t run the risk of you a) singing out loud or b) dancing, these are generally frowned upon in an open plan office. And doesn’t really portray you as a sensible trustworthy employee.

So I usually go for the odd youtube playlist or various sets on Mixcloud. These tend to not only be a good alternative to the mainstream music that generally gets repeated throughout the day on radio shows but means that you often find some new exciting bands to get obsessed about.

So I thought I would provide you with my newest find – from the ever wonderful Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (you may have heard me rant about them once or twice) and their 6 Music Mix that was broadcasted at the end of November 2011. Fair warning… it’s a bit dancy… perfect for programming, but maybe not for report writing.

Mix for 6 Music by T-E-E-D
J x

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