Wednesday, 20 June 2012

r.a.j.e. to me

r.a.j.e. is many things, a design company, a blog, ethical fashion specialist. It is currently labelled under the ever elusive term Deisgn Collective until further notice.

The fundamental part of r.a.j.e. and the part that I know will never change is that is a group of four friends. I can't imagine my life without the r.a.j.e. girls. We have survided intimidating London Fashion Week shows, big decisions, personal trauma, financial stress, graduations, ups and downs and yet always remained true friends. I am in a constant state of wishing I could see the other three girls more, and if you knew them like I do, so would you.

So this blog post really is just a big boast about how wonderful it is to be part of r.a.j.e.

A: Skittle, print designer, trainer/hat/scarf enthusiast, Italian chef in the making, sister, gamine beauty

J: Vase, garment designer, trainer/heel/drapey clothing enthusiast, bloody brilliant risotto maker, friend/sister, Irish beauty, best hair - ever.

E: Pear, garment designer, photographer, jacket/pump/pretty clothing enthusiast, wheat free baker extraordinaire, best friend, English rose, can ride horses (very useful in emergencies).

They are my Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha though I'm not telling them which ones which.

To top it all off and to please my aesthetic sensibilities they are all heartily beautiful, wouldn't you agree?

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