Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sugar Sugar ohh Honey Honey

Hurrah It is Spring!! (well sort of... there is a fair amount of rain knocking about, but technically it is Spring time)
So amongst all the daffodils and bunny rabbits and baby sheep etc… this also means that it is acceptable to get your legs out… Hurrah!
I have to say that I love getting my legs out, wearing skirts and shorts. In fact, come summer, I would prefer to exclusively wear a pair of denim shorts that were made from one of the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned (if the weather would let me). But after the many dark months of being trapped in jeans and tights over Autumn and Winter my legs have not been looking their best.

I went on a mission to revive my legs to their former summer glory by getting involved with some body scrub. I love the Soap and Glory Body scrub, but as my bank balance had already had a serious hit (courtesy of the wonderful monthly trip to Boots - which always results in being about £50 poorer) and I have been wanting to explore more “organic” beauty methods which include less chemicals, I decided to explore a DIY version.

After researching a lot (it happens there are quite a few recipes out there!) I settled for a pure and simple option of Honey, Olive oil & Sugar to ensure that it wouldn’t dry my skin out, and surprisingly enough it works really well and my legs are all lovely and smooth and ready for this sunshine that I assume will appear at some point!

To make your own you will need: a jam jar, some sugar, some olive oil, and some runny honey.

Step 1//  Measure out about 2 thirds of the jam jar of sugar and place in a mixing bowl,
Step 2//  add a couple of desert spoons of olive oil (I used extra virgin, but this has made it smell really strong, and go really really yellow… I’d advise using regular olive oil!!)
Step 3// mix this together until all the sugar is coated
Step 4// pour in some* honey and mix until it is all combined then just pour into the jam jar!

*I am not very good with measurements, but if I had to ball park it I would say it was about 3-4 desert spoons.
Things to note: obviously the mixture will settle, meaning that the sugar will sink to the bottom and the olive oil will rise to the top… just periodically mix it together again to get it back to normal.

J x

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