Saturday, 14 July 2012

Blogs in Brief

So, the blogs in brief.  This week has been busy, but the very good sort of busy.  We had a great Crepe City at the weekend, blog post coming up shortly!  R graduated from university in style, and is reveling in no longer being a student and living the life of a professional graduate.  J is settling back into London life after experiencing two festivals in the space of one week, and E has moved from Southampton, to London, to Bristol.

And of course, we have had some blogging fun, in fact this week I had the luxury of spending two evenings to myself blogging away.  After a whirlwind of a month, it was a good opportunity to sit down and reflect on all the 'stuff' that's been going on.

Here's just some of it...


What have you done this week?

A x

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