Thursday, 26 July 2012

Film Club // Moonrise Kingdom

I realised the other day that since graduating from uni I have become significantly less eloquent on any subject not directly related to my field i.e. fashion, art and design.  So I have set myself a challenge of writing about subjects that I am passionate about but have let slide somewhat recently.  One of these is film.

I was late to the Wes Anderson party, but having seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The Darjeeling Limited, I was confident Moonrise Kingdom would be good, if not brilliant.  I was not disappointed.  

Moonrise Kingdom tells a story set in a world recognisable yet strangely populated by familiar and sympathetic but distinctly removed characters.  

Quite apart from the enthralling but quaint storyline, the film itself is a joy to watch.  Each shot is considered, with the resulting feeling you are not so much watching a film but experiencing a series of painted masterpieces.

My personal attachment to the films, I think springs from the sense of empathy with the characters who function and relate to each other well enough, but seem to all be plagued by a certain melancholia, and a tendency toward communicating in a somewhat offbeat way.


Stills from Moonrise Kingdom, thanks to the wonderful interweb for providing these.  

And thanks to Wes Anderson for making such beautiful films.  I'm off to explore his back catalogue...

A x

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