Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Amor Magazine

The other week I was lucky enough to attend the Celebrating Amor event, the official launch of the first print edition of Amor Magazine.  The event itself was brilliant, a seamless blend of fashion, live music, spoken word poetry, speed networking, an interview with a politician(!) and a general feel-good time.  The speed networking was the highlight for me.  As a natural introvert, I am not great at networking, but this gave everyone the platform to just march right on up to someone and introduce themselves.  I'd recommend it to anyone.  

Here's what the event at Cargo, London looked like...


Amor Magazine is run by the ever so lovely Ruby Mae Moore, and is dedicated to the representation and promotion of real women.  It's content includes fashion, lifestyle, music, beauty etc, but it's angle is what makes it different.  It aims to unite and empower women by offering representation for everyone, regardless of colour, height, shape or size.  These aims really ring true with us here at r.a.j.e. so we wish Ruby and Amor Magazine all the best.

Amor Magazine 

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