Friday, 24 August 2012

Family time: Grandma's secrets!

I've got a skirt that I just can't get enough of. 

It seems to fit perfectly, and as a lover of the high waisted style, it sits just where I like it. 

So I had the genius idea, to make another one the same. 

As my Grandma is the sewing expert of the family. I've learnt most of my tricks of the trade from her, I thought It'd be a nice sunny afternoon activity. By using some fabric she's handed down to me, we got going...

Nothing like a lovely, homemade lunch break... (Curtesy of Mummy Coles, but FYI I made the sparkly, chocolate butterfly cakes!!)

Top tips:

- ALWAYS tack before putting a zip in.
- DO use chalk and pencils to mark out seam allowances and distances.
- NEVER cut before you pin. 

So keep posted, for some 'what we wore' photos of the new skirt. In the mean time, makes sure you stick to the rules!

E x

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