Thursday, 30 August 2012

Film Club // Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Not so long ago I went to see the new Batman, The Dark Knight Rises.

I think it's safe to say, I loved it. No that wasn't just because Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in it... And yes I may have gone and bought the 1st (Batman Begins) and the 2nd (The Dark Knight) as soon as I could. So now, with my confessions over, maybe I'll briefly share. (Hopefully without spoiling for those who haven't watched it.) What I enjoyed the most...

After the raving success of 2nd in the trilogy, The Dark Knight, I was if I'm honest, expecting a slight anti climax. However I was pleasantly surprised with Gotham's superhero, rising as more of an incorruptible source than a superhero throughout the film. Christopher Nolan pleasantly challenged the idea of how everlasting a symbol/icon can be. And with 'Robin' always at his side, how could Batman not be?! So amongst the aesthetically pleasing filming, framing and acting, Batman returns, as a fully fledged superhero. Failing to disappoint!  

One last thing; I most definitely have not dreamt about owning a batman T-shirt ever since...

Have you seen Batman yet? 

E x

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