Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I Blame the Crackle // Go Team GB!

I know that I'm by no means alone in my new-found Olympics obsession.  Everywhere I go, people are talking about the Olympics.  It's great that this event, which was welcomed with a certain amount of trepidation from us Brits, has become such a unifying, corporate, and thoroughly positive experience.  We are, as a nation, celebrating talent, hard work, teamwork, passion, perseverance, and communicating a fantastic message to not only the world, but the next generation.

Right now, I'm proud to be British, not because of the amazing amount of medals we have won or any particular athlete, but because of the passion, dedication and spirit shown by the athletes of Team GB, the out-of-their-way helpfulness of the Olympic volunteers, the excitement and pride obvious in the commentators and pundits, the thousands of Britons pouring into the Olympic Village to witness the games, and the millions of us glued to our screens every night to taste a part of it and show our support.  

I could go on, but you catch my drift.  I don't want to overstate the matter, on pin false hopes on this single event, but I feel a change in the national spirit.  London 2012 could be a key factor in the recovery of our nation from recession, a turning point in the socio-economic doldrums we seem to be in.

Now, this may be something of an anti-climax after that, but with this Olympic fever that's swept the nation, it wasn't long before the inevitable happened... I give you Team GB nails!

If you want to create your own Team GB nails, follow these simple steps...
  • paint nails with a basecoat
  • onto a roll of sellotape, paint a couple of inches red, and an inch of blue
  • paint your thumbnails with white nail varnish (half of a French Manicure kit really comes in handy here) and paint your other fingers alternating blue and red
  • paint a second coat of blue and red onto the sellotape
  • paint a second coat of blue, red and white onto your fingers and thumbs
  • when all this is sufficiently dry, cut out the little Union Flag shapes from the sellotape and stick onto your thumb nails, red first, then blue
  • trim with a cuticle cutter or nail scissors
  • paint a topcoat over all your nails

And I'm pretty sure you can do this with other flags too!

What's been your Olympic experience?

A x


  1. Pretty cool nails :)

    1. Thanks hun, glad you like 'em. Take a look at this for more amazing Olympic nail art... A x