Sunday, 26 August 2012

N-Debz Packs for Holiday

As I'm on holiday this week, I'm kind of assuming everyone else is too, so I apologies in advance for rubbing it in our face if you are, in fact, not on holiday! But here is one little holiday related post...

This week has been an eventful one for the lovely N-Debz, and it really was the cherry on the cake when her wardrobe literally came crashing down on her.  The inevitable shouts for help, us rushing to the rescue, and salvaging clothes amidst laughter and musings on why the landlord had ever bought such a cheap wardrobe ensued.  But, her spirit was not to be crushed.  The brave girl took the wardrobe by the horns, and continued to pack for holiday, looking ever so cool and glamorous as she went about it.

N-Debz wears // dress: Topshop // headband: M&S // necklace: Topshop

And did you ever see such a meticulously packed three pairs of sandals?

A x

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