Monday, 20 August 2012

Olympic Fever

While most of across the country are suffering from POD (post Olympic depression), I found these photos of mine and N-Debz trip to Wembley for our first womens' football experience.  I am so completely privileged to have been there and experienced a part of what was a wonderful and quite frankly sublime London 2012.  Here's the evidence... 

 The walk to Wembley.

 I think you can tell from our faces how excited we are.

 The warm up.  Love the Olympic spirit, the flags, the cheerful, carnival atmosphere.


Wembley looking absolutely stunning by night.  

We had an amazing time, soaked up the family friendly Olympic feeling, and Team GB really made it special by winning! (Sadly, that was the last match they won, but hey...)

Now we just have to contain our excitement until the Paralympics.  

Thanks for the warm up...

A x


  1. Just for a second there, I genuinely thought when I saw the picture of the warm-up, "Whoa, you got everybody to colour co-ordinate what they're wearing!". Then I realised it was the seats that were red, not the supporters.

    1. (see how much faith I have in the influence of raje over fashion!)

    2. Wow, your faith humbles me, Chloe. A x