Thursday, 20 September 2012

Beauty in a Rush

My life as of late has been a tad...ridiculous. After moving into my own flat post graduating my bank balance was understandably pretty beaten up and so I have been taking on as many hours as I can at various coffee shops and bars, to try and work my way out of a very stubborn overdraft. Alongside near non-stop minimum wage work I am also 1/4 of r.a.j.e. (running a company tends to take up some time it seems) and I'm also a fashion writer for Catwalk Yourself. There's also the small matter of being a girlfriend, sister, best friend, daughter and all the other things I love to be and do that all take up time. To put it lightly, I was busy. Over bank holiday weekend I worked nearly 50 hours, after one of the shifts my feet were bleeding and I just sat and wept in the bath.

But, never fear, I have found myself a well paid 9-5 in communications which will boost my CV, boost my savings and also give me two days off a week, luxury! So from next week I will regain normal Roanna Price activity, possibly even replying to some texts now and then.

As difficult as my season of intense hard work was I don't regret it as hard work is good for you and I don't think you deserve to be in your dream career unless there's been a bit of hard graft along the way. The other thing it taught me was how to maintain a reasonable level of beauty care on a very limited schedule. Imagine having got in from work at 3am to get up at 6am for a 6.30am don't have the hours to spend buffing, moisturising, nail painting, blow drying etc. I wasn't used to this rushed approach to body care, I'm usually the best read on beauty products, making my own at home, trawling through the shops, doing face masks etc. When this wasn't a possibility any more it took a lot of getting used too!

So, here are my tips for beauty in a hurry because I'm sure we all go through times when we simply don't have time to be that fabulous!

1) All in one cleanser: My favourite cleanser is Herbalism from Lush, but it's a bit of a pickle to apply/wash off/get off the sink so on very busy mornings I traded it in for an Aveeno face scrub, gentle enough to use every day and thorough enough to keep my skin in good condition. 

2) Green Teas: Green teas, peppermint teas, lemon water etc..all of these drinks kept me going the past few months. For a few days of business sure have coffee and carbs to get you through but when your lifestyle for the foreseeable future is chaotic you need to be sustaining your body. 

3) Gel eyeliner: At the moment I use one by Maybelline (to save the bank balance) but I'm looking forward to trying some new brands soon. The beauty of a gel eyeliner is you can simply apply an elegant flick, or a cat like line to your eyes, top it off with some mascara and your beauty look is complete in a minute. Unlike pencil the gel will stay on and stay looking perfect, I have tested this theory to the extreme. One application has lasted me three shifts on the trot. 

4) Fancy shower gel: When you haven't got time to lather yourself in body butter every morning your shower gel becomes even more important. I spent a few quid on a moisturising one and a exfoliating one and alternate them every few days and they have honestly kept my skin in good condition. Nowhere near as good as if I could soak in a bath every week and moisturise every day, but for skin running on too little sleep and too little care, some good shower gel will help a lot. 

5) Stop working so hard: My biggest lesson from this experience = people need time off. My body has hurt in some way or another constantly for months now, I have cried nearly every day and I have missed out on spending time with the people I love. We need time to pamper ourselves, to eat good food, to treat our bodies and to rest our minds, otherwise we will slowly but surely beak down. I learnt this lesson the hard way, no amount of money or increased financial security is worth your health or happiness. 

Life is too short to be spent doing things you don't want to do. 

R x


  1. really inspiring article , I'm sure you're gonna succede :) & i'd like to try gel eyeliner now !

  2. I love NIVEA!!!
    It is so beautiful poster!!!


    1. Thanks for the comments guys, we are so happy you enjoy reading.
      A x

  3. Congratulations on the new job!