Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Better Late than Never ??

Oh, so you know how I bang on about music a lot?? Well one reason is because I have some really excellent friends who I am incredibly proud of. One of these people, who I may have mentioned once or twice is Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED).

The live shows aren’t just any old gig or DJ set, they are an experience full of 7 ft dinosaur inspired outfits, booty shaking dancers, inflatable dinosaurs and glitter cannons…. YEP. Glitter. Cannons. In fact, the last show I went to I found glitter confetti IN MY UNDERWEAR. (am not even sure how that is possible) it was at KoKo’s London and this is the video that was made with the footage. (Prepare to be jealous).

More recently THIS is the essential mix that was done for Radio 1 (which is brilliant)

The album Trouble was released a while ago, so apologies for not shouting about this earlier, but the great news is that it is really really good (yes I am biased), AND you can still buy it (and you should).

O o o Plus there is also a UK tour in October, so you can be covered in glitter canon confetti too! (HURRAH!)

J x

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