Friday, 28 September 2012

Jamie's Italian and A's on Her Way

I attribute a certain amount of my recent interest and skill in cooking to Jamie Oliver.  His down to earth, accessible presentation has helped to make cooking seem much less scary.  And, as I have enjoyed watching his programmes, cooking from his books, so it seemed high time to eat at his restaurant.  

So, I, along with my motley bunch of old school-friends tried out the Bristol branch of Jamie's Italian and we had ourselves a very lovely time of it.  The restaurant itself was lovely, a great, easy on the eye mix of decor, the food was delicious and the service was possibly the best and genuinely warmest I've ever experienced in this country!  I would thoroughly recommend going.  And if I haven't convinced you, here are the photos.

I had the Squid Ink Angel Spaghetti, with scallops and capers.  Good stuff. 

S had the Tiramisu, it looked tasty! 

No, thank YOU, Jamie.

The Bristol branch is in what was Blackwells Bookshop, and has well thought out details of decor incorporated.

I feel the loos of a place can make or break it, if it's teetering, it can pushed over the edge by bad loos, but a good place can merit greatness if it boasts good loos.

Case in point.  Thomas Crapper toilets. 

I'm a sucker for well displayed retro domestic nic-nacs. 

Everything good is made better when ended/ begun/ accompanied by a coffee.

Has anyone else been to a Jamie's Italian?  What's the verdict?

A x

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