Friday, 7 September 2012

London Lately...

I thought it was about time you all had a little r.a.j.e. London update, so here's what I've been up to out and about in this fair city...

Please take careful note, M&M World is a scary place to be.  Especially when you go after a chilled night out in London, and are suddenly and without warning thrust into it's nightmarish environs bursting with over-saturated colour and tat so tatty it's not even ironic.  If you are of a delicate disposition, I urge you to avoid it.  If you're one for shocks and scares, go, it might be fun!  

However, fun places to go in London at the moment include the London Wonderground, Chinatown, and Selfridges.  The London Wonderground (open until the end of this month) is an odd mix off fun and somewhat unsettling entertainments, there is a delightful woodland area in which to consume cider (if you are that way inclined)  a funfair, and also circus and sideshow acts.  These last two I'm not a fan of, but if you are, go for it!

Chinatown is always a good bet for a fun night, but it being such nice weather in the evenings now summer has finally arrived, it's even lovelier to wander round and admire the lights.

And last but not least, if you have never been to Selfridges, then you really should make the effort, it's a wonderful shop of dreams.  But also, maybe like me you have been many a time and never ventured into the lift.  It's gorgeous!  I wondered if there were CCTV cameras in there and what the security staff must think I was doing, furiously taking as many photos as I could before we reached the ground floor!

A London bus at M&M World // 22 Amazing colours at M&M World //  Lanterns in Chinatown //  Horses in a Fountain near Picadilly Circus //  The Funfair at The London Wonderground //  The most gorgeous lift in the happens to be in Selfridges //

Where have you been in London lately?

A x

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