Thursday, 27 September 2012

This Thing Called Mallzee

We get approached by a lot of various website/blog promoters/site launches etc and I'll be the first to admit, it's tempting to ignore them all...when I'm spending time working on the blog I want to be writing and editing or visiting my favourite blogs not reading mass sent emails, however I make myself go through them all and you know what, sometimes it pays off! One of these such unearthed gems is a website called Mallzee which is due to launch later this year and I am already quite excited. It's online shopping and social media combined, so instead of say emailing the link of a dress you're thinking of buying to your friend, Mallzee provides a platform for shopping and sharing what you like or want a second opinion alongside an extensive online store. 

They already have a host of good high street brands signed up like Urban Outfitters, and even pre-launch the site is clear and easy to use. Why not hop on over and see what you think...

R x

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