Sunday, 30 September 2012

What's Really in My Handbag?

Handbag posts and articles are one of my all time favourite kinds. I don't know what it is, I have a very big weakness for bags anyway but I think really it's the glimpse into the every day normality of some people who I really look up to and admire. That and sheer nosiness. 

I love seeing what people carry around every day, what lipstick they use, what phone they have etc. When done well, an inside my bag post can be brilliantly interesting. However, recently I've noticed a trend for extremely set up posts. The other day I saw one where all of the contents this girl supposedly carried around every day wouldn't have even fitted into her miniature Chanel clutch, it was all staged. So, I told myself the next time I'm out and about  (and remember) I will photograph what's in my bag, for real. Even if I've had to use a bigger uglier bag that day, even if it's full of lint or gum wrappers and yesterday's lunch. And so here we are, what is really in my bag today and how it really looks...

So far, so organised. Above you can see... 

Bag: Autograph, M&S / iPad (affectionately known as Baby) & iPhone 5 / Travel journal: Utility / Purse: M&S / Emergency rings: Vintage / Make up bag: Vintage. 

All of these will usually be in my bag, except for the travel journal which im currently filling with useful tips and tricks for my trip to Paris next week. Anyway, there you have my everyday tidbts along with the sligthtly more unsual addtion of a bar of Galaxy (it's a chocolate day, what can I say?) and a cheap face mask.

There you go, no hiding of anything. I'm even going to show you inside my make-up bag, this delightful vintage grey clutch is the only reason my bag looks relatively ordered, because it contains all of my womanly chaos. 

Inside my make-up bag...

Carmex / Juicy Tubes / Mints / Compact mirror and foundation /  A million eyeliners / USB stick / Hand cream / Tiger Balm / Chewing gum / Hand balm / 4 lipsticks / 3 pens / 8 plasters.

So, what's inside your bag?

R x

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  1. Ha Roanna I love the sheer honesty of this! Who carries plasters and a USB stick together?!
    Might have to steal this for a blog post when I finally re-organise my blog!