Monday, 22 October 2012

An Unlikely Pair // Unexpected Fashion Collaborations

It seems fashion collaborations are de rigueur what with H&M's string of designer tie-ins, the new lot of Jean Paul Gaultier Coke Cans and that match made in heaven of Dr Marten and Agyness Deyn.  And I love them.  Collaborations have the potential to produce something unique, something magical in the meeting of two minds, or two brands.  

With H&M you have the chance to buy into an aspirational designer brand at high street prices.  With model and retailer collections, such as Topshop and Kate Moss, you get the benefit of that individuals sense of style and unique view of fashion.  With designer-specialist collaborations, such as the many Linda Farrow sunglasses collections, you benefit from a constant stream of fresh ideas and specialist product from brands who may not necessarily be able to produce them otherwise.  So generally, a collaboration is a good thing.

However, I have recently stumbled on a couple of very unlikely partnerships.  

Adam & You

Moderately priced car manufacturer Vauxhall, a long time supporter of new fashion talent in the form of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout let three designers loose on their newest car, Adam, and exhibited them at LFW just gone.  The results, in my view, are mixed.

Adam & Fred Butler

Adam & Louise Gray

Adam & James Small

Rodarte & Starbucks

Dreamy, arty design duo Rodarte have teamed up with multinational coffee house Starbucks to create a range of giftable products just in time for Christmas.  The range includes a tote bag, cup sleeve and gift card all adorned with a pixilated Rodarte print.

I'm not sure about these to be honest, maybe there are some collaborations that just shouldn't happen.  What do you think?

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    1. Hey, glad you like them, maybe we should get a bit more adventurous with our auto design? A x