Thursday, 25 October 2012

Domingo Rodriguez

Domingo Rodriguez is, one of the hardest working people I know. I met Domingo at uni back in 2005 (holey moley that is a long time ago!) and with a name like his, you just knew that he was going to be fantastic, and to be honest, fantastic doesn't even begin to cover him.

While I was struggling though first year not knowing where I was, what the hell I was doing, why I had chosen to do it, Domingo was in the corner of the studio being as focused as a... really focused person, learning as much as he could about fabrics, designers, complex seams, the pros and cons of certain threads, and different pattern cutting techniques.

After graduation, (and winning the Menswear prize at Graduate Fashion Week by the way) he went to do his masters at LCF and has since worked tirelessly and continuously to get his name "out there" which is incredibly brave, and I take a huge amount of inspiration from him.

Us don't often focus on menswear (I guess we are just selfish like that) so I thought I would take this opportunity to not only rave about a wonderful friend but showcase  some excellent menswear.

Domingo's Website

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