Friday, 26 October 2012

E: What Shoe Am I?

I thought it would be easy to pick one pair of shoes that I'm most fond of. 

However once I started thinking about it I couldn't stop thinking about my Topshop brown ankle boots, my vintage green flats, my fake brogues which I wear in daily. Oh and my playful purple converse and favourite pair of heels, the list goes on... 

So without getting off track, and having been under strict instructions to pick ONE. I think it's safe to say my ultimate favourite and most versatile pair of shoes, goes to my vintage, green flats:

Bought from a neat little vintage shop (Uncle Sams) in Bristol, they have got me through nights out at uni(explaining why they look a little worn!), to smarter daytime wear and always add a splash of colour to whatever outfit I'm wearing. 

What's your favourite pair? 

E x

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