Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I Blame the Crackle // Dot to Dot

I like to dot my nails, and every now and again this leads to exclamations of “How the blazes did you do that?!” so I thought maybe I’d share my dot secrets so that you all can have dotted nails too!

Different sized dots require different tools, these are the ones I use:

I have a couple of Nail Art pens from a trip to the states, but what with the popularity of nail art, they are now widely available and a really good for a really fine dot. These Sally Henson ones are pretty good, they are a bit like a felt tip, give you brilliant control, and are also brilliant for other designs like Leopard Nails. Remember to top coat though, as they tend to smudge off.

These “double action” pens are from Claire’s Accessories, they have a fine brush as well as a nib, the nib works a little like a tip-ex pen where you have to squeeze at the same time as drawing which sometimes is a bit tricky (especially when using your other hand!!) and create a raised medium sized dot (depending on how hard you squeeze!!)

A lot of DIY tutorials online will tell you to buy a Dotter Tool which is sound advice, as then you are able to use any of your existing varnishes and there are a lot of variations out there if you wish to purchase one. As I dislike having to wait for delivery times I decided to make my own. The key to making your own dotter tool is to give you something to properly grip on to while you dot.

Yes that is a dress making pin in an ear plug. This version creates a large dot, but this is obviously dependent on what you have used as a DIY version.


1 - Draw a line of dots from cuticle to nail tip in the centre of your nail keeping the dots equal space apart

2 - Pick a side, then at the cuticle end of the nail, create a sort of dot triangle by Dotting in the middle and an equal distance away from first and second dot.

3 – Continue your second line  up towards the nail tip ensuring your dots are always in the middle between the centre line.

4 - Your third line of dots should be equal to your first and you should be able to start to see the polka dot type design forming.

5 – complete the other side of the nail 

6 – you might end up with gaps at either the nail tip or cuticle  end, I tend fill these in as it improves the “nail wrap” effect, but be sure to keep them the same equal distance apart from each other!

J x

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