Wednesday, 24 October 2012

If You Stare at This.... / Street Art Special

I know it seems a bit trendy and typically 'blogger' to talk about street art, but I'm gonna go right ahead and do it anyway.  So here goes my attempt to talk about street art without sounding too cliched.

I love the way that street art invades your life, it's unapologetic in it's in your faceness.  With most other forms of art, you have to make a conscious decision to go and see it, street art you can't help but see.  Street art is risky, the artist is putting themselves out there, for the public to judge.  In my opinion, the best street art has gumption; it either full on smacks you in face with depth, or nudges you in the side with a cheeky wink. 

I'll stop eulogising and share with you some of the street art I've happened across recently.

Richmond, Surrey.

Off Shoreditch High St, London.

The Arnolfini, Bristol.

Cotham Hill, Bristol.


Off Brick Lane, London.

And that just about says it all.

A x

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