Thursday, 18 October 2012

Not Just the London Design Festival

Wandering is one of my favourite activities, the aimlessness gives my busy little brain a chance to breathe and think.  I usually come up with my best ideas whilst wandering.

As has become quite a habit of late, I took a trip to the East side of London to wander.  This particular meander took me about the London Design Festival, into some lovely boutiques, and past a few top notch examples of street art. 

Walk with me...

A fondant fancy especially for R x

Check out the London Design Festival website for more information.

Stunning lighting design.

Seeing this reminds me of my art school days and makes me want to sketch again.

Life goes on.  

As you well know, inspirational is not just to be found in the perfectly presented design pieces and the polished shop windows, but in the streets, in unintentional mixing of patterns along a rail of clothes, in something looked at from a different point of view.

Head down to Brick Lane and you'll be spoilt for choice of independent boutiques stuffed full of clothes to suit every taste.

Street art.

I wasn't the only one appreciating the view.

Love the contrast of the towering, grey building in progress with the cute, brightly coloured hearts and locks.

And remember to take a step back to look, or maybe move in closer to see.  There's usually more to see than meets the eye.

A x

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