Sunday, 14 October 2012

Parla italiano?

Regular visitors to this blog will know I am all too keen to get in front of a camera, so when the graphic designers who occupy the office above ours asked if I'd model some Italian gestures, how could I refuse?  And in return, I got Nandos vouchers.  I'd pretty much model anything for Nandos vouchers!  Can someone tell Nandos how much we love them and get us a black card?

So, if any of you are planning a visit to Italy, here are some handy gestures to help you to fit right in with those ever so articulate Italians.




This one's not that polite, I wouldn't recommend employing it!

I don't care.

Not my problem (my personal favourite).


If you fancy visiting this particular Italian restaurant, it's Rosso Pomodoro and they actually do delicious pizzas.

A x


  1. You look fabulous! Love the hair. You manage to look quite Italian too. xx

  2. this is interesting! Didn't know there were particular hand gestures for such specific things. I learned something today =)


  3. Oh my goodness, thanks for the comments guys. Now I'm off to read your blogs :) A x