Sunday, 28 October 2012

Story Teller by Tim Walker

For the last few weeks I have been eagerly awaiting this exhibition. As an inspiring photographer, with a childlike imagination and immense creative flare, Tim Walker has obviously been firm favourite when it comes to the magical. 

Making sure I was one of the first few that got to see the wonderful exhibition 'Story Teller' by Tim Walker. 

So at the risk of spoiling a few surprises here's a few snaps (that don't do it justice I know!) of this beautifully curated exhibition. 

Hosted of course by the lovely Somerset House, a personal favourite of mine, which made the experience all the sweeter...


'Walker's fantasies are rooted for the most part in childhood. It's a baroque and fagile world where Dresden shepherdesses come to life;princesses take wing in lilac clouds and the swan symbol of grace, purity and love, sings it sad song at twilight.'

I'm glad to say that I was Immediately delighted on first and last impressions. 

E x

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