Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Red Lodge

They say in London you have to look up to see what's really there, to discover the treasure.  In Bristol, you have to even harder; the treasure is hidden up tiny alleyways, behind closed doors, and down windy roads.  But do you make the effort to find it, it's worth it's weight in gold.  

The Red Lodge is one of Bristol's hidden gems.  A Tudor mansion nestled in the city centre, all but hidden by prison high walls, and only marked by a subtle sign above a small red door. Once you step inside you are transported back to a Bristol long gone, a bustling, wealthy city in it's youth, eager to prove itself in the rapidly expanding world of the Elizabethans.  This house is packed to the seems with examples of the highest quality craftsmanship and design of the time, along with intriguing evidence of the buildings varied uses over the years. 

If you're in the vicinity, take some time to visit and soak up the atmosphere.  If not, I hope my photos can provide a small glimpse into this magnificent house and it's history.

Where have you found hidden gems in your hometown?

A x

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