Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What We Wore: it is the 90's, Right?

This outfit is a culmination of a number of factors.  They are as follows:

I am wearing a lot of black in the last few weeks as we mourn the passing of summer.  The changing season does present somewhat of a sartorial challenge, no?  We might have to address that in a separate blog post.

I am discovering grunge all over again and wearing pieces I bought back when I was a school and stealing pieces from my Dad's wardrobe.

In a bid to lead a more healthy lifestyle, I am walking more, and this has resulted in employing the more practical elements of my wardrobe e.g. the sensible shoes and backpack.

A wears // necklace: Oxfam Originals // jacket: Dad's from the wonderful 80's // top: Topshop // skirt: H&M a million years ago // socks: Topshop // shoes: Office // bag: Eastpack, available from Urban Outfitters //

What are you wearing today?

A x

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