Friday, 19 October 2012


I am currently completely out of love with the high street, the poor quality and poor trend imitation across most of the shops means I often return from a shopping trip empty handed and frustrated. There are literally a tiny child's handful of shops left that I'm excited to go in, that get me excited about creating new looks, that make my little fashion loving heart race a bit. 

One of these such delights is Whistles, admittedly it is the upper end of the high street and definitely not the place for a shopper on a budget but, just think about it for a minute. You could spend £150/£200 in Whistles and come out with one or two pieces that you really love, that are well designed and will last season after season, or you can spend £100 on a few pieces in say Topshop and be left with pieces that don't fit as well, don't last as long, and are worn by every other girl you know. I'm slowly coming round to the idea of saving up, investing in one or two pieces to cherish and gradually building up a rounded, lasting wardrobe. 

Anyway, I'll let the clothes do the talking, here are a few of my Whistles lusts...

India colour block dress £125

Camille Textured Duffle £250

Isa zip pocket dress £110

Colour block leather dress £350

Virginia lace insert sweater £110

Colour block crepe trouser £125

R x

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