Friday, 2 November 2012

A: What Shoe Am I?

The task was to pick what shoe you are.  Harder than it first seemed, I stared at my jumbled collection of shoes for a good few minutes, left it, came back to it, and still, I was conflicted.  To choose my gorgeous Clarks heels that I can walk around all day in, or my very loved and somewhat worn Nike Blazers that have done me so well, or maybe my super fresh Nike for Liberty kicks that make me feel like I'm walking on the moon? 

In the end I managed to make a decision and chose these very sensible Office tan monk shoes.  I shall explain.  

I bought these shoes a few months back as my 'sensible shoes', my usual tendency being to spend all my shoe money on trainers, heels or things made of suede.  Living in London, we all know that's not sensible, so I bought leather, real leather, made in Italy, with a crepe sole.  You can't get much more sensible.

A few months down the line, summer is over and autumn is definitely here and these shoes have proved themselves.  They are comfortable enough to wear day in day out, they have that tiny amount of heel that makes me that little bit taller, they are smart enough for smart and cool enough for casual.  And I have discovered they go with almost anything!

These shoes are not the me of last year, who would definitely have plumped for her freshest kicks, they are the me of today, who still rocks the kicks on the weekends, but is very happy wearing her grown-up shoes, living her (almost) grown-up life.

Think about it, what shoe are you?

A x


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