Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A/W on the high street

It's all well and good us reading Vogue, streaming the fashion weeks shows and dissecting the trends, but what actually translates to the day to day popping out for coffee outfit? What is actually being worn, out there, on the great British High St., by the great British...?

-The blazer coat
Yves Saint Laurent can take the credit for this. Ever since 'Le Smoking' emerged the androgynous take on outwear has been a staple in every credible fashionista's wardrobe. There is something eternally wonderful about a woman wearing a mans clothes. This season, in time for the winter chill; the trend is for blazer coats. Think large lapels, nice woolen blends and maybe even a leather corner somewhere. 

I blame Vivienne Westwood for this one. It can be magnificent yes, but it can also be truly awful. Love it or hate it tartan is back thie A/W with a crash, bang and often a whallop. Who knows why the public decided to latch onto this, but I have to admit it's linear appeal does manifest well in some key Topshop items. If you're going to plaid yourself, make sure it's on a simple, classic garment.

-Elbow patches
Inspired by heritage brands of old and recently revived, Elbow Patches are here to stay. They've already enjoyed a strong 3/4 years on the high st and they're just getting started. I have no objections, they're nice and old fashioned and keep your elbows extra toasty. 

Hmm. These have been around for a long time now. Originally the domain of goths, then indies and now...everybody. When done well they can be genuinely good, but most of the time they are worn across a cheap cotton blend with the poor victim thinking they're on trend. Oops..sorry, my inner bitch reared then. Anyway, good riddance I say, time for a new emblem please.

-The peplum (now in belt form)
Where to start with this? Audrey Hepburn wore them marvelously, Christian Dior makes a beautiful selection of peplum emboldened dresses. They are an ingenious twist of tailoring and can be the epitome of style and elegance. More often than not on the High St however they are worn by girls on various nights out, hoping the extra touch of fabric will cover their stomachs. Done once, clever, done by everyone, boring.

-Satchel bag (in awful colours) 
I think this one might be here to stay, and I completely understand why. They are practical, fit everything in and take you back to innocent school days gone by. What's not to love? That is until New Look released some truly awful vomit coloured versions and it all went down hill from there. Stick with Cambridge Satchel Company or maybe a Dr Martens one and you will look truly ace. 

-Leather sleeves/cotton sleeves (THAT Topshop parka)
Was it Topshop who first coined the leather sleeve on a garment trend? To my knowledge it was but please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, it has circulated like wildfire and is on the back of every fashion interested girl I see. On the whole it's lovely, adds a little interest and texture to an outfit. I would however advise against this particular item below as, I'm sure you've already noticed, everyone else in the world owns it. 

-Owl/Dog prints knits smartened up (Burberry)
Cute-animals-on-soft-jumpers. I love it, everyone loves it. Well done Burberry. To update this remarkably loveable trend, tuck your scotty dog emblazened knit into a pencil skirt or some high waisted trousers, pair with heels and you will be the talk of the office. 

Leather leather leather love leather. When at it's best, as shown by Celine's genius, it's supple, sexy, sensuous and smart. I remember when leather items first started appearing, I bought a leather skirt and at the time, it was genuinely daring to wear it, especially in the day time. Oh how times have changed, one of my friends recently wore a leather skirt to meet the Queen. Invest in leather or at least pleather to get this trend right.

I can't wait to see which of the S/S trends get translated into the everyday.

R x


  1. That coat with leather sleeves is foul! But my dream Christmas gift to myself if I suddenly found myself with a couple of hundred extra pounds crying out to be spent would be a proper good-quality old-school brown leather (how many adjectives can I fit in here?) satchel.

  2. Totally agree with the satchel, it would be a good investment buy. A x