Saturday, 17 November 2012

Blogs in Brief

Thank goodness it's the weekend.  I don't remember being this tired since uni, when I was simultaneously working flat out with course work, being a barmaid, taking on independent commissions and co-running an ethical fashion show. 

I am not complaining.  This week has been valuable.  Last weekend r.a.j.e were all in the same place for the first time in far too long.  We  caught up, we worked our socks off and we planned the next few steps.  We all headed into the week with a renewed sense of vision and excitement for r.a.j.e. and for life.  Unfortunately and inexplicably, life threw us a few curve balls as the Americans say, which were topped off with E's bag being stolen, her bag that included her computer and photography equipment.  But we r.a.j.e. on, and now we are blessed with a weekend.

I have also been reminded that even though I've been very busy, and somewhat stressed out at work, that I am doing the things I love.  My tiredness is due to working hard at things I value, my stress is because I care about my work.  These are good things. 

On the blog this week, we discovered a king among charity shops and one of the latest among luxury flagship stores.  Come shopping with us….

Fara Charity Shop

Burberry Regent St

Tell us about your weeks.

A x

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