Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fara Charity Shop, Chiswick

I know I speak for all of us here at r.a.j.e. when I say, we love charity shops.  They win on all kinds of levels.  They are re-selling clothes that would other wise be landfill, raising revenue for great causes, and giving those on a budget access to good quality clothes.  But however much we love them, they are not usually the most luxurious and lovely shopping environments, clothes are not so much merchandised as haphazardly hung, and finding great buys is a mission, well worth it, but a mission nonetheless.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across a charity shop that is in fact, nothing like a charity shop!  This is Fara, Chiswick.  Here they have, on a budget, made the place into more of a vintage bazaar, without the ridiculous price tags. 

Jewellery and trinkets like a chest full of treasure!  These range from delightful pieces of unusual costume jewellery through to designer purses.

Wooden crates put to use just like we all did in our university days, but done so well!  The mix of clothing and artwork gives the place a wonderfully retro feel and just begs to be explored.

OK, so there are some hefty price tags, but they are saved for a few super-special items.  And I'm sure for the customer who knows their chinawear,  £125 is a snip.

Mixing up the mainly rustic decor with a few industrial, clean lines.  And yes, that is a Burberry mac.

Accessories are displayed in a thoughtful way, not too neat, but not like your average jumble sale.

The lovely Abby in the gorgeous cream wool-felt hat she found.

There's even an armchair to sit and browse the books.

So if you're in West London and looking for treasure, head on over, it's a hop skip and a jump from Turnham Green tube station and it's an absolute delight.  Find it here.

Find out more about the Fara Charity and the great work it does here.

A x

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