Friday, 16 November 2012

J: What Shoe Am I?

So I am no longer a person, I am a shoe, or hopefully a pair of shoes as they are made for feet and everything.
Being honest when R suggested this post idea I just didn't get it. But as always, I soon saw the error of my ways and bowed to her superior vision. This is not about one being a shoe, it is about self realisation. (cue light bulb moment) 

Taa Daa - this is them, a pair of OFFICE boots, and these are my reasons:

1) I am inconsistent. These boots are versatile, with a lick of boot polish and teamed with tights and a dress they are pretty darn smart, yet worn with big bobbly socks, leggings and an oversized jumper completes the look of an extra from Clerks.

2) My family and friends are hugely important to me (ok, bear with me here) and as the people closest to me they have helped me to be who I am. These boots are made out of good quality leather and hard wearing souls that (hopefully) will help them last.

3) I am not perfect, these boots are badly warn in parts and are losing some of their heel coverings, but I think this makes them all the more whole and unique.

So that's it, if I were to be a pair of shoes, that I own anyway, it would be these guys. 

J x

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