Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Polished Off // My Nail Polish Wish List

I am in a constant battle with my nails. They want to be short and stubby like a 5 year old's, and I want them to be long and strong like a grown up's.  They win most of the time.  But on the rare occasion I coax them past the end of my fingers, I spend some quality time painting them with one of my expanding collection of nail polishes.

Right now we are so lucky with the range of products on the market, there is a huge array of special effects, gorgeous colours and even textures available.  It seems ever since Nails inc and Barry M did crackle effect, the nail polish world has gone crazy!

These products are at the top of my WANT list right now.  I'm already regretting not snapping the Ciaté Velvet Manicure up earlier, as there's a waiting list now!

Ciaté Velvet Manicure in Berry Poncho, sadly not available right now, click here to join the waiting list

velvet nails! 


images from

Nails inc. Graffiti Polish

Now this one needs no explanation.  It's glitter nail polish, but taken up a level!  It makes your nails look like they're having a party all of their own, and who wouldn't want that?  Available from Nails inc for £11.  And you'll need a base coat of white or another colour as this has a transparent base.



Barry M Gelly Nail Paint

This is meant to give a gel finish, like a Shellac Manicure.  I can't wait to try it and see how it works!  The great thing is, it comes in a whole variety of lovely colours.

Gelly Nail Effects - Prickly PearGelly Nail Effects - Plum 

available from Barry M for only £3.99

Ciaté Caviar Manicure 

This one is obviously for special occasions, which is perfect with Christmas round the corner.  What a perfect stocking filler, boyfriends; take note.

Caviar Nailslook good enough to eat! 


 available from Ciaté (big pots sold out but mini pots available)

What's at the top of your list?  Please let me know if I've missed any exciting new products, I just have to know about them!

A x

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