Friday, 9 November 2012

R: What Shoe am I?

When I set the r.a.j.e.'rs this task I forgot that of course I'd have to do it too. I've thought long and hard about what shoe I could be. I wear a variety of shoes from loafers and high tops to riding boots and houndstooth stilettos. But if there is one of my pairs of shoes that sum me up, that I feel on some nonsensical level are my shoe partner. It would be my Carvella heeled brogues. It's the combination of classic styling, perfect matte black leather and delicate laces that gets me. All topped off with an elegant yet not walk impairing heel. They are classic, stylish and add to any ladylike elegant outfit. Which is always my end goal.

I may swing from looking like a Parisian lady or a femme fatal to a indie chick in the space of an hour but inside I'm always the effortlessly stylish woman who owns hers body, her style and who's feet never ever ache, well that's the idea anyway...

R x

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