Thursday, 22 November 2012

Taking Thanksgiving

It's come to that time of year to start being thankful. At least in America anyway. Thanksgiving is one of the American traditions that I am more than happy to adopt. whether you believe in the soul or not, I think being thankful is good for the soul. Now bear with me...

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Spending day in day out grumbling just cannot be good for us, constantly worrying about things, or thinking negative things about ourselves, our friends and our careers has got to take it's toll on us. 

At the very least, once a year, we should sit back, eat some delicious food and think long and hard about what were thankful for. 

So while I flick through Nigelissima to decide on a very un-thanksgiving thanksgiving feast I have pinpointed a few things that I am well and truly grateful for.

  • r.a.j.e. It is my career, my family and my passion
  • Owen Walter Day. He is quite simply the best person I've met and he happens to love me.
  • My roots. My upbringing, my Mum for her grounding and sense of style, my Dad for his wisdom and wit, A for her generosity and creativity, Emma for her companionship and understanding. I was brought up surrounded my exemplary people and I am more thankful for that every day. 
My list is short and sweet, I wanted to compact it to things that I really am thankful for. Really.

R x

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