Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dear Santa

The next couple of weeks are without a doubt my favourite time of year. I love the steady build of excitement as Christmas looms, all glitter and happiness, over us. Yes it's a hassle and cripplingly expensive but it really is a season of joy, generosity and family. 

There is also the other perk of a mountain of parcels to open underneath the tree. Being a recent graduate I am heartily skint and I am really looking forward to being a bit spoilt. I know that's not really the sort of thing you're supposed to say, but it's true! The mutual exchange of presents bought with someone you love in mind is possibly one of the best parts of humanity and it never fails to warm my heart in even the coldest of December chills. 

With no further ado, here's my in-an-ideal-world-where-I'm-a-upper-east-sider Christmas list:

1) Watch (Burberry-Selfridges)

2) Handbag (Batchel, Cambridge Satchel Co)

3) Purse (Mulberry)

4) Necklace (Not on the high st)

5) Ring (Net a Porter)

6) Winter coat (Miu Miu, Net a Porter)

7) Flights to NYC

8) A paid for shopping trip in Selfridges beauty hall

9) New camera (Olympus)

10) Coffee syphon (Hario)

I'm afraid all of my friends and family are of the creative ilk and so money isn't our most plentiful asset, meaning this wish list will always be just a wish list, but hey, a girl can dream? Besides, if you ask me what presents I got last year I would struggle to tell you, but I describe endlessly the meals, the kitchen chats with my Mum, the discussions with my Dad and the long evenings spent with friends. And were back to the eternally heart warming message of Christmas, that the greatest gift is time with loved ones. 

R x

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