Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Give it Up for One25

This is my first video-based blog post.  I have, with the help of J, overcome my slight fear of technological wizardry, and embedded a video into this here post.  And it's for a very good reason.  Two, in fact.

The first is a cause close to my heart, and close to home.  One25 is a Bristol based charity that helps women on the streets to break free from street sex work, and supports them through recovery and rehabilitation.  Currently, they are running the campaign, Give it Up for One25, where willing volunteers are giving up something for 125 days or 125 hours, in order to raise money and awareness.

The second is this is the lovely Lu Willott's debut music video for Music Had a Hold on Me ft MC Juva.  We interviewed Lu a while back, so if you like what you hear, find out more about her here.

But for now, sit back at enjoy the song.

A x

Oh, and that's me Dad on guitar.  *Beams with pride*.

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